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Child Custody & Support in Riverside, California

When you're going through a divorce, Fathers' Rights Law Firm offers the assistance you need. Counseling is provided to ensure you are making a sound decision, as well as to create a plan that includes property rights, visitation rights, and more factors.

Child Custody

By staying up-to-date on custody and visitation laws, we are able to apply your particular facts and circumstances to the law and argue them in court. Your family law attorney is always after the best result according to your situation.

Child Support

Child support obligations are considered according to your circumstances and current laws. Payment is based on 3 factors: the father's net income, the mother's net income, and the percentage of time each party has with the child. We leverage these 3 aspects to obtain a ruling that is fair to you, the father.

Father High-Fiving Daughter

Low Alimony

Alimony is based on certain factors under the family code. We are up-to-date on these factors and leverage them to reduce or even eliminate alimony. Net incomes are considered, along with all other family codes, and we fight for only these factors to be considered.

Equitable Property Distribution

California is a community property state, which means assets are divided 50/50. Sometimes, men do not get equal distribution, commonly 80/20. We know how to get you 50% distribution under the law.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious charge normally used as leverage in order to gain custody. If someone is arrested for domestic violence, their chances of obtaining custody are small, or they are monitored. As prosecutors in domestic violence, we know these cases and help clients prove their innocence to overturn charges.

Protect your rights when fighting for child support, custody, or property distribution when you contact our law office in Riverside, California, for a consultation.